Natto 納豆

Sometimes, I miss Japanese food very badly :)
I am grateful that there is a lot of access to Japanese food supplies in Hawai`i, though. I can buy tofu, soy sauce, umeboshi (pickled plum), nori and wakame (seaweed), wasabi (Japanese green mustard), katakuriko (starch), miso (thick soy paste), and so on. In Honolulu, there is a supermarket store called Don Quijote (used to be Daiei). There, you can buy almost any Japanese food. I went there once, and I was surprised at their varieties of stock. Even Gokkun Umajimura (This is a famous soy sauce with citrus fruit. It is originated in
Umaji Village in Kochi where I am from) was being sold there although it was priced much higher than the price sold in Japan. I think that could not be helped since it came all the way from a small village in Japan.

Today, I had a craving for natto (fermented soybeans), so I bought it at Pukalani Superette. It’s called Aloha natto. Cute name, ya? One pack serves two meals (I think), and the price was $1.89. It’s a bit priced higher than natto sold in Japan, but it’s not too expensive, so I buy it once awhile. The most important thing, its taste, is good, too. Today, I ate natto with brown rice and cucumber kimchi.

My tummy is satisfied. It’s nice to eat food that I was raised with.

Despite of its nutritional value, due to its stickiness and smell, some people cannot take natto. I understand that. Fortunately, I like the smell and taste, and stickiness do not bother me, so I can eat it. Loren tried it in Japan, and he liked it enough to finish. I appreciate him at least giving it a try whenever he encounters a new thing. He loves Japanese food, so it makes easier for me to cook for him since I cannot really cook non-Japanese food. I would love to learn other cuisines, though.

Oh, I like to put natto in Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza). Would you like to try natto?



今日は納豆が食べたくなりました。そこで長年地元で栄えているプカラニスーパーレットというスパーに行って納豆を買いました。その名もアロハ納豆。かわいい名前でしょ!? 1パックが$1.89でしたので日本円にして217円くらいでしょうか。(1ドル115円として)一パックに二食分入っているので、まぁ一食108円くらいですね。日本より高いですけど、まぁ滅茶苦茶高いというわけではないので、時々買っています。肝心の味ですけど、いいですよ。今日は玄米を炊いて、きゅうりのキムチ漬けと一緒に食べました。(口臭が気になる献立ですが。いいんです。食べたかったのでいいんです。)




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